Floating Side Table

Floating Side Table


This unique outdoor table is certainly an eye catcher. It has a modern, contemporary style and is economical to build. It’s sleek and ele-gant design makes it perfect for a dinner for two.


I used off-the-shelf pressure-treated lumber to build the table but you can use any wood suitable for the outdoors. You can also use regular lumber and apply a coat of paint or outdoor

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Jens Risom was a Danish American furniture designer. His work is a model of mid-century modern design. Risom was one of the first de-signers to introduce Scandinavian design in the United States. He valued simplicity, grace and craftsmanship. This floating side table is in-spired by Jens Risom.

Materials: The beauty of this table is its simplicity. The original, designed by Risom, was made out of walnut. I used a single 1” x 10” x 8’ Piece of pine, readily available at most home centers, for this project.


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